The interactive sound installation “A Heard Space” invites visitors to explore the intricate encounter between space and sound, where narratives echo and reverberate in response to your very presence.

In the ethereal realm of ‘A Heard Space,’ the invisible threads of sound gently weave through the very fabric of the environment, delicately splitting it into fragments. Armed with spatial listening devices, visitors step into this sonic tapestry, becoming both wanderers and weavers of their own auditory journey. As they move through the exhibition space, their presence and movements orchestrate a symphony of shifting audio narratives, crafting an immersive and ever-evolving experience. The used audio tales in this work, carefully gathered from the heart of Sapporo, transcend mere soundscapes. They become a dynamic conduit, illuminating the subtle nuances of spatial perception—both as a collective and as individuals.

Exhibition at Tenjinyama Art Studio during 13-15 October, 2023, as the result of one-month artist-in-residency.