I WANT TAIL (2016-ongoing)

For the last three years, the artist has represented important directions in interactive art practice and research work. In 2017, she tries a new medium which is a combination of internet, videos, images, and texts to create situations where people interact remotely, especially through social media. In iwanttail, the artist is, as a collaborator and a co-producer of the situations, with the different “YOU”, and these situations can and may have an unclear beginning or end. The work tries to promote public conversation via the changing role of the internet in the process. Through the internet as the frame, iwanttail takes place primarily online and directly engages “YOU” in the creative process so that each “YOU” becomes one part of the happening in this artwork. “YOU” are asked to collect and upload images, videos, and texts in iwanttail, about the situations of “what if you have a tail” and tag “#iwanttail” on Twitter and on Instagram. “YOU”s and the artist can together compose the theme with fragments that will be distributed across these mediums.

more information: http://www.iwanttail.com/