KIDKIT (2021)

The project is a new IoT system that designed for the group of kids ages 7–12 years old. In this project, kids can play with different connected components and children can create their own flower sculpture and background landscape with the unique behaviors, movements, and interactions.

KIDKIT as a table-based installation at the Eindhoven Maker Faire, and all components are set up independently. From left to right, a garden landscape display (standing landscape iPad), a flower in a pot (two servo motors and one mini electric air pump inside), “frog eyes” (one distance sensor inside), and a touch control interface (lying portrait iPad). A Raspberry Pi, the control hub for the installation, is not shown in this view.

The interactive landscape visualization running in one iPad.

The main graphical user interface running in a second iPad. Children can control different features of the digital landscape and the flower if moving five sliders on the touchscreen.

The KIDKIT system structure.

KIDKIT was exhibited at Eindhoven Maker Faire on 25 and 26 of September, 2021. And it was selected as one of ten nominations for the Hybrid Future Challenge 2021.

KIDKIT was participated at 18TH Athens Digital Arts Festival from 25 to 29 May in 2022.