COR (2015)

COR is a biosignal-based art App. We start from the question: what’s the meaning of HEART and what we want to know about it. We use the “surface of Lake, and the water drops into a lake” as a metaphor and symbol to express the meaning of HEART. Both water and HEART, are soft while at the same time, they are strong. We read the poetry from Gaston Bachelard. He has famous quotes about the lake, water, and HEART. “The lake takes all of the light and makes a world out of it” ” The HEART is my representation of it”. We create this App named COR. Heartbeat data from users is translated into generative art. This App allows people to create an understanding of themselves based on bio-signals, philosophies, and feelings. There is an exploration of the aesthetics of their own HEART, rather than function. The users create their own experience and understanding and share this unique moment as abstracts with others.

collaborate with: Martijn Imhoff, Xander Meijering, Yu Yang