morethanhuman.zoommeeting (2023)

The inspiration for the creation of “morethanhuman.zoommeeting” arose from a profound fascination with the intricate interplay between the human and non-human realms. In a world where technological advancements are forging increasingly complex connections between us and our creations, the idea of exploring the convergence of the physical and virtual realms became an undeniable spark.

The compilation of performance videos is a testament to the shared space that we inhabit with our technological counterparts. The interactive response of these videos to the movements of visitors transforms them into a visual dialogue, illustrating how our gestures, positions, and expressions can bridge the gap between the tangible and the virtual. This artwork seeks to remind us that our relationship with technology isn’t just one-sided; it’s an intricate dance where both parties influence and are influenced.

The choice of using performance videos, facial recognition, live streaming, and OpenAI in this project is a deliberate reflection of the intricate tapestry that the modern world has woven. Performance videos capture the fluidity of movement and the nuances of expression, offering a dynamic canvas for exploring interaction. Facial recognition and AI-generated content add layers of complexity, echoing the technological dimension that intertwines with our daily lives. This form of expression embodies the essence of our times, where the digital realm is not separate from the physical, but rather an extension of it. By embracing these materials, we create a palpable experience that resonates with the multi-faceted nature of contemporary existence.

In essence, “morethanhuman.zoommeeting” is a manifestation of the interconnectedness that defines our era. It invites viewers to reflect on the intricacies of their relationship with technology, fostering a dialogue about the profound ways in which the human and the non-human coalesce and communicate in this ever-evolving landscape.

Exhibition at Het Nieuwe Domein in Sittard, between 16 September, 2023 and 14 January, 2024, as part of the group exhibition BODY TALK.

Exhibition at the Kromhouthal in Amsterdam, between 13-15 June, 2024 , as part of the JSNation and C3 Festival.