Shifting the lens to ageing China in transition at its moment of apparent economic prosperity, HONGMEI PARK seems to align well with the vision of “a harmonious society”. Yet, the film contradicts the positive growth relationship between the economy and the elderly care-system in the current stage of China’s “harmonious society”. HONGMEI PARK looks at China, a technologically advanced society, an economic super-power, from the inside–the perspective of who gets to stay when the riches of automation and digitization pass over a generation. The film questions the uncertainty and disturbance in a controversial transformation of social structures at a moment of the tremendous growth of economy and consumption. Perhaps we are made to speculate of the future unfolding in China, who is abandoned in a harmonious society, and ultimately the value of these people who are economically disadvantaged.

HONGMEI PARK, single-channel video, color, sound, 16’42”, 2020.

(video still) HONGMEI PARK.

Exhibition view. HONEMEI PARK was exhibited from 17 to 29 in July of 2020, at Via Aosta 17, A60 Contemporary Art Space, Milano, Italy, in the frame of group exhibition LA VITA DELL’ARTE. Related link: and