道山靓女 LOST IN ILLUSION (2020)

道山靓女 LOST IN ILLUSION is the experiment of sorting six types of data (temperature, humidity, time, sound, distance, activity) in space and mapping the complexity of data into 65 live performance videos in real time. System decides in the current condition what visitors will see. 道山靓女 LOST IN ILLUSION tries to visualize data and delivers the data complexity in artistic and abstract way.

This work is the result of two-month artist residency program at Albert van Abbehuis in summer 2020 and it is shown in the group exhibition “POLATECH 1” in the period of 27th of August till 6th of September, 2020 at Albert van Abbehuis, Eindhoven.

Related link: https://www.albertvanabbehuis.com/artist-in-residence-2020

Exhibition view.