VOICES (2023)

VOICES, an interactive installation, invites participants to co-create a sound-art composition with their voice. Participants are asked to record a secret. In return, they can be visually guided through the processing, analysis, and cloning of their voice recordings by various Voice Technologies (VT) algorithms, and can experience a sound-art composition in which their voice narrates the secrets of others. This immersive experience aims to shed light on the otherwise opaque inner workings of VT.

This project is made by VOICES COLLECTIVE: Ahnjili ZhuParris (US), Mohsen Hazrati (IR), Phivos-Angelos Kollias (GR), Yu Zhang (CN)

VOICES COLLECTIVE has been granted “the European Festivals Fund for Emerging Artists”. This grant, coupled with the support from IMPAKT, has enabled to bring the VOICES installation to life with exhibitions at ARS ELECTRONICA¬†2023 and Impakt Festival 2023.

Exhibition at ARS ELECTRONICA during 6-10 September, 2023, as part of the CODE program.

Exhibition at Impakt Festival 2023 during 1-5 November, 2023. © Photo: Pieter Kers