notMONDRIAN(2017, 2019)

notMONDRIAN is an interactive installation. The inspiration comes from the famous red, yellow-blue blocks and grid abstract paintings by the Dutch artist Mondrian during the 1930s. In notMONDRIAN, the artist first breaks the static grid into non-static, followed by the introduction of movement detecting technology, therefore the audience can move different parts of the body to control the positions of the red, yellow or blue blocks on the screen. At the same time, the magnitude of the action will also affect the rhythm and frequency of the sound produced by these patches during the collision. Traditional paintings mainly rely on the coordination of the artists’ hands and their tools, as well as professional painting techniques and experiences. What a traditional painting could present to the audience is the last frozen second of the artist’s creative process. notMONDRIAN extends painting into the process of “painting” as improvised dance-style performances. Meanwhile, in notMONDRIAN, the painting is no longer presented in a single still way in front of the audience, the audience is being involved.  Since 2013, the artist began to use interactive installations as a means to explore the forms of stitching, penetration, and even conflict between art and technology. In addition to thinking about the relationship between art and technology in a broad sense, in this work, she hopes to explore how interactive technology can bring new forms of presentation and experience to traditional paintings, and how to make the audience from “the bystander” of painting to become “the participant” and “the co-creator” of an experience. 

notMONDRIANwas set up and experienced in Visual Lab at Eindhoven University of Technology (the Netherlands).

notMONDRIANexhibition at Beijing Design Week 2017.

notMONDRIAN Beijing trip document.

Exhibition view. notMONDRIAN was exhibited at Beijing Design Week 2017.

Exhibition view. The new AI version of notMONDRIAN was invited by Kulturhack and exhibited at Kulturhuset i Ås, Olso, Norway in 2019. Related link: https://www.kulturhack.no/l/kinesisk-kunstner-med-kunst-skapt-av-ai/?fbclid=IwAR30OVyGzuPNCHUIlqxfPO3GipWfhcgkF6DemzH64qEY0s-jVTHDTgixSz0