SPACE OF THE SPACE (2014, 2018-ongoing)

The project started in 2014 with the idea of putting the out space into a 40*40*40cm box. The overall experience was designed around this box and gained by touching, seeing, and which in the purpose that will provide prompt various layers of perception of what the outer space is. On that stage, I spent the most time on soldering and connecting the tons of SMD Led and programming their dynamics. But small led lights shinning inside a box were unable to provoke any translation related to outer space. I put the project on hold after half a year in the situation that it couldn’t go deep. In 2018, I have begun experimenting with Virtual Reality that is set to revolutionize the way how interactive experience is produced and viewed. I decide to restart the project SPACE OF THE SPACE by using new VR technology to explore what kind of scope might be.