The set of installations, TWO FULL MOON, plays with historical cultural roots of the deep, yet the transient connection between human desire and the moon, and reflects it through interactivity back into the audience experience. The work TWO FULL MOON is rooted in layers of emotion and inherent humanness that intentionally contradicts or even rejects any notion of the Space Age. It is a result of the artist’s experimentation with collecting, repurposing, and locally grounding data streams of anonymous participation from the site The data serves as input for dynamic physical artworks that selectively represent both remote audience and artistic intent. While technology permeates all the artist’s recent work, this project expresses the human desire to bond with nature without techne’s lens obscuring our being and feeling in the world.

Rendered images from the interactive website, and interaction embedded. was exhibited at Internationales Digitalkunst Festival (IDKF) 2020 (Stuttgart, Germany) from 15 November to 30 December 2020 (virtual event).,

TWOFULLMOON was invited by Kulturhack and exhibited at Kulturhuset i Ås, Olso, Norway, from 30th of March to 2nd of April in 2019. Related link:,

The exhibition TWO FULL MOON contained three metal interactive sculptures, one interactive website running on iPad, and eight prints. The exhibition took place at Agiou Dimitriou 19 in Athens of Greece during 19-22 of February 2019 and it was hosted and highly supported by 3QUARTERS.

A crescent moon (30*30*16cm), a gibbous moon (30*30*28cm), and a full moon (30*30*17cm) under the conditions of daylight.

Three moon sculptures under the conditions from daylight to nightlight.