3Screens(){land;water;border;} (2021)

The project aims to explore how urgent environmental problems at macro levels of geographical scale can be translated to the micro level activities in our daily lives. And, how small but intentional changes in everyday life can make a positive future impact. It starts with three severe environmental issues –ocean suffocation, air pollution, and waste exports, but those “global” issues are designed to manifest in place and culture-specific ways, facilitating moments of not only viewing the issues but also interacting with at the exhibition. A series of interactions that are designed to each offer different impact on the targeted environmental issues and map things happening far away to things that can be done right here and right now. The project takes environmental problems as the starting point of work, but it seeks to fill a gap in research on big data, contextual representations and appropriate (interaction) design.

This project is the result of a two-week residency programme- 3rd Majhi International Art Residency (initiated and produced by the Durjoy Bangladesh Foundation (DBF)) from October 10, 2021, culminating in an exhibition launching on October 21, 2021.