Quackie, Bobbi, and Tan-tan (2023)

An enchanting workshop toolkit is designed for imaginative young minds. Unleash the creative prowess of children aged 6-10 with the captivating tales of three inseparable pals – Quackie the delightful duck, Bobbi the buzzing bumblebee, and Tan-tan the adventurous squirrel. Join these adorable animal companions on an extraordinary journey as they navigate their everyday lives, raising awareness about environmental changes and inspiring young hearts to take meaningful action. Let imaginations soar and colorful narratives unfold as children bring these lovable characters to life through art and storytelling.

Once upon a time, in a small forest on the edge of the city, there lived three best friends – a duck named Quackie, a bumblebee named Bobbi, and a squirrel named Tan-tan. They loved to spend their days exploring the lush forest, swimming in the river, and playing hide-and-seek among the trees.

One day, Quackie, Bobbi, and Tan-tan noticed that something was not quite right in their beloved forest. The air was thick with smog, and the river they loved to swim in was filled with trash. They knew that something was wrong, but they didn’t know what to do.

So, they decided to seek the help of a wise old owl who lived in a nearby high-tech camp. The friends traveled a long way to reach the owl’s tree, and when they arrived, they found the owl sitting on a branch, deep in thought.

The friends explained their concerns about the changing forest to the wise old owl, hoping that he would have some answers. The owl listened carefully and then spoke, “My dear friends, the forest is facing an environmental crisis. The pollution from the city and the highway is affecting the delicate balance of nature in this area. We must act fast to save our home.”

Quackie, Bobbi, and Tan-tan asked the owl what they could do to help. The owl explained that they must work together to protect the forest and its inhabitants. He suggested that they start by conserving water and reducing their use of resources like electricity.

The friends were determined to do their part to help the forest. They decided to build a water collection system to save the precious rainwater that fell from the sky. Bobbi used his wings to create a breeze that powered a small generator, and Tan-tan used his sharp claws to gather materials to build a shelter that used less energy to keep them warm.

As they worked together to make their living conditions more sustainable, they noticed that other animals in the forest began to follow their lead. They saw deer using the water collection system and rabbits using the shelter they built.

Slowly but surely, the forest began to heal. The air became cleaner, and the river began to clear up. The friends were overjoyed to see that their efforts were making a difference.

The crisis was not over, but Quackie, Bobbi, and Tan-tan knew that they had done their part to help the forest. They continued to work together and inspire others to protect their home, and together they created a brighter future for themselves and all the animals in the forest.

And so, the duck, the bumblebee, and the squirrel showed that even in the midst of high-tech camps and busy highways, nature can thrive with a little bit of care and attention. They learned that by working together and taking small steps, they could overcome even the biggest challenges and create a better world for themselves and everyone around them.